Designers’ Saturday 2018: USM presents the RollPlay

This year’s USM installation in Langenthal invites visitors to play and discover.

USM RollPlay – A Special Kind of Role Playing

The USM Haller Modular Furniture constitutes the framework for an extraordinary experiment. Within RollPlay, there is no difference between leisure, home or work; there is only the game, and everyone is invited to play. Lightweight rubber balls are used as toys for squeezing, squashing, throwing around, sitting on top of and rolling around – all of which are actions that transform the space. The design by UNStudio at this year’s Designers’ Saturday has been adapted to the industrial environment of the host Ruckstuhl and shows a playground the size of a factory where creativity is the only resource. The inspiration for RollPlay can be found in the carpets that have been manufactured here for over a hundred years: A special net made out of natural cotton fibers hangs above the USM Haller Modular Furniture and creates a playful, swinging landscape in an industrial manufacturing facility. The net is presented in a striking color – a deep ultraviolet. Does this look familiar to you this year? That may well be the case; it is the Pantone color of the year for 2018. According to Pantone, this is supposed to encourage people to overcome boundaries and develop something new through a love of experimentation and creativity – and thus the perfect partner for USM RollPlay.

Designers’ Saturday
Langenthal, Switzerland
Venue Ruckstuhl
November 2–4, 2018

RollPlay is another milestone in the collaboration with UNStudio, which began back in April. For the Salone del Mobile in Milan, USM has initiated a discourse on the shift that is taking place with respect to the current and future boundaries between working and living. This debate intensified during the summer in the WorkHouse in Berlin in the form of workshops. At Designers’ Saturday, this topic will continue to be explored with RollPlay.