Will offices still exist in 50 years’ time? UNStudio’s Futures team, together with USM, is exploring the shifting boundaries between work and domesticity, now and in the future. We urge you to reflect on the human qualities which differentiate us from machines and to enter a dialogue with us. We present you a growing selection of interesting articles, which provide a further insight into the topic – explore:


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Watch the WorkHouse Video


How important are our surroundings for us to thrive and be creative?

Listen to Lisa Enzenhofer, Timothy Ahrensbach and Samuel Douek.


If machines take over all the unpleasant work in the future, which work will we humans do?

Jakob Liesenfeld of Lego explains his idea about the value of play, Bernhard König, architect, wants us to learn from plants and think in larger cycles whereas game designer Francis Tseng is eager to see what machines can teach us and how we can teach machines empathy.


Collaboration is not only a question of with who, but also: where.

We discuss workshops which give participants the freedom to think without boundaries and we listen to the creators of a framework in which people are able to shape the future of design – if they want to.


„Do you really want to feel at home in an office?“

Find out Robert Rowland Smith’s answer in our new podcast.


Post-work: the radical idea of a world without jobs

Andy Beckett, The Guardian


Designers’ Saturday 2018: USM presents the RollPlay

This year’s USM installation in Langenthal invites visitors to play and discover.