Doing our HomeWork

The WorkHouse PlayLab

Wehrmühle, Berlin

June 4th to June 20th, 2018

Together, through a mix of creative sessions and relaxation time, we are exploring the shifting boundaries between work and leisure to build a range of future scenarios.
The Wehrmühle is transformed into a speculative laboratory for the invention and articulation of new models of work. A total of six participants are selected for each of our three PlayLabs. Our goal is to bring together experts from a range of disciplines including psychology, anthropology, business, design and technology. USM’s modular system is reimagined by UNStudio as a dramatic framework for our laboratory.

Doing our HomeWork

The WorkHouse OpenHouse

Wehrmühle, Berlin

June 2nd, 2–8 pm

Play with us! It is our aim to get impulses for reconsidering our concepts of work, life and the future.

June 2nd, 2 – 8 pm
With lectures, workshops, food, drinks & nature

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Doing our HomeWork

The WorkHouse

Wehrmühle, Berlin

June 1st to July 15th, 2018

Everyone’s talking about the future of work. Let’s try it out!

A speculative laboratory for the invention and articulation of new models of work by USM in collaboration with UNStudio. Come play, explore and experiment with us!

Too much HomeWork, not enough play?

The PlayGround

Salone del Mobile, Milan

April 17th to 22nd, 2018

Milan marks the beginning of a long-term process. Designed by UNStudio’s Futures team, our booth explores the shifting boundaries between home and work life by exploding the rooms in which this takes place, creating hybrid domestic and office environments hidden within.

And with jobs increasingly replaced by artificial intelligence, the qualities which differentiate us from machines shift into focus. A question posed within each room prompts you to reflect on a human quality. Your answers will inspire the next stage of investigation, our WorkHouse this summer in Berlin.

Explore our booth and share your thoughts with us!

Salone del Mobile
Hall 20 – Booth A07/B06

Sharing our HomeWork

The ShowRoom

Various locations


We will physically share the outcomes of the Berlin summer WorkHouse throughout the year in our showrooms, at our retailers as well as in public spaces and continue the creative, open-minded dialogue.

Stay tuned for detailed information!